Trying to get the “big-screen effect” in your home?  Consider projectors especially since there are options now which can produce sharper images (even when not in total darkness), come equipped with tilt function (images can be projected from most angles, and feature 3D technology.


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Here’re some common misconceptions about the projector systems:

#1 It’s too expensive.

Unlike televisions, where prices rise as the size of the screen gets larger, projector prices change based on the technology used. You get more bang for your buck with an entry-level projector that can provide an image of up to 150 inches in screen size. And projectors are designed for a wide screen so you’ll never have to worry about blurry pictures.


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#2 I can’t watch TV on it.

You can! All projectors are equipped with the same functions as a TV. HDMI cables can be attached from your cable box to the projector, or to AV receivers to facilitate more connections.

#3 I’d have to install a huge screen.

A plain, smooth wall would suffice, and without the limitations of a screen, you can adjust the image any way you want. Alternatively, you can purchase a motorized screen, which you can roll upwards and out of the way when not in use.


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#4 Projectors are bulky and emit a lot of heat

Projectors now come in smaller and sleeker bodies, have quiet machinery, and run cooler.  

#5 My home is too small.

Projectors are very flexible when it comes to placement. A wide lens-shift range can shift images into the optimal position without having to move the projector, and this feature is available in most home projectors.


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