'Get to know your ID' is a new online series where we invite local interior designers to share their thoughts and opinions so that our readers and the public can get to know them a little better. This week we speak to Kelvin Teo, founder and designer of Space Sense Studio. 

Kelvin Teo, Space Sense Studio. 

1. What are some questions you would like your clients to ask you?

It’s always good for the client to understand the designer well. I would like them to ask me what my style of work is and how I approach design. If they have any design or technical questions about the house, they should feel free to ask.

2. What are 5 things you must know when you first meet a client?

Their design brief, their lifestyle and habits, their renovation budget, time frame and other important information that I need to know.

3. Is it helpful when homeowners come prepared with pinterest boards and moodboards at the first meeting?

Yes, that will definitely be helpful. 

4. What is one common misconception you feel most clients have, and what is the actual reality?

Most client will get the scale of their house wrong. Normally they would want to fill up the space with many pieces of furniture but in reality, you can only place two or three pieces inside the space.

5. Do you ever reject projects? What kind of projects do you reject?

Projects I reject are mostly because clients are not able to match the cost of the design and have too short time frames.

6. What kind of design brief excites you?

A brief that gives me the freedom to express my creativity.

7. What do you offer that differentiates you from other interior design firms?

My attention to detail, as I believe it is the details that make a concept truly beautiful.

8. Can you share with us a memorable project you did, and why it was memorable to you?

I had a client who came back to me the second time to renovate her new condo. Because of our first collaboration, we knew each other pretty well, so the second renovation was quite a breeze. Besides her brief, which was rather basic, she gave me the freedom to design in whichever way I felt was suitable.

The final outcome was a tremendous success, and the overall renovation process was positive and really fun.

9. How do you stay fresh?

Always thinking and processing about how I can create better and innovative design.

10. What would you like to say to homeowners or potential clients, or what do you want them to know about you?

To expect the unexpected. But what is unexpected will be positive because I like to make a difference in people’s homes through design.

Space Sense Studio is located at #02-00 19 Tannery Lane, Tel: 6858-5258. www.spacesensestudio.com.