GetVan Goods offers a convenient door-to-door service. PHOTO: GETVAN

Whether you’re furnishing your new home or redecorating an existing apartment, chances are you no longer shop exclusively with one brick-and-mortar retailer.

Instead, you’re likely to be surfing online and buying ad-hoc pieces from independent artisans who custom build furniture, personalise paintings or upcycle your old sofa for you. Or you may be browsing second-hand portals in search of a pre-loved — or lightly used — designer baby cot, vintage lights or a marked-down carpet. The reason? You want everything in your home to look unique and not like a cookie-cutter replica of what you see at your friends’ places.

There is a downside to buying and ordering homeware and furniture from smaller, indie players though. They often do not provide transport services and may ask if you have a preferred transport service provider that they can work with.

This is when having a regular transport service on speed dial comes in handy. It gives you peace of mind knowing you can trust them to get your new (or old) purchases from the seller to your doorstep. That sure beats having to inconvenience a friend or relative who owns a van to help out with the cumbersome task.

Also, if you are the one trying to make some extra cash from your little-used furniture and homeware, you will want to have a trusted transport service provider who can deliver your merchandise safely and reliably.

One such transport provider is GetVan. The homegrown company offers three services: GetVan Ride for private-hire transport, GetVan Business for companies that require help with their daily logistics and GetVan Goods which caters to your “moving needs”.

The last is designed with you in mind.

Here are four things to keep in mind when you are booking this service for your next home move or furniture shopping spree.

1. What are the dimensions of your purchase?

From a bike to a 14ft-long lorry, GetVan Goods has the perfect vehicle match for your furniture transport needs. PHOTO: GETVAN

Always check with the seller in advance. This lets you decide on the vehicle that works best for your moving needs; GetVan Goods works with partners who own a fleet of vehicles in various sizes and models.

In fact, if you have a tight budget, it’s best to find out the delivery cost before committing to your purchase so you can calculate the total charges involved. GetVan Goods offers a full cost breakdown so you will always know upfront how much you should set aside. 

As a general guide, a bike or car can carry goods of up to 20kg or up to 150cm in height. This means items such as a bicycle, foldable chair, small electrical appliances or a Christmas tree. The largest vehicle under GetVan Goods, a 10-by-14ft-long lorry, is suitable for entire house moves so you don’t have to pay for multiple trips.

2. When do you need the GetVan Goods service?

Lock in the time and date with your seller and make sure there’s someone at home to accept the delivery.

Next, visit GetVan’s platform where you can choose the instant or scheduled delivery option, which gives you a lot more flexibility. For even more autonomy, you can also opt to pay by the hour or by the number of trips.

3. Do you have cash on hand?

GetVan Goods is a door-to-door service that only accepts cash on delivery so make sure you have the exact change with you to expedite things.

4. What if you encounter issues with your booking or delivery?

Help is available 24/7 on the GetVan platform or you can Whatsapp +65 8932 3141.

Brought to you by GetVan.

Brought to you by GetVan.