(image: Angie’s List)

Step 1: Get into the mindset

Focus on the task at hand. Don’t just think about the way we’d love our home to look but also how you want your home to feel. For instance, you’d want your bedroom to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and your study to inspire you. Now look at what needs to be done – are there unnecessary products in the bathroom, or clutter of paperwork in your bedroom? Focus your efforts there.

Step 2: Remove the excess

Be ruthless. If something is taking up space that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy, get rid of it. You’ll feel fresher, lighter, and more open to inspiration.

Step 3: Set rules

Everything should have its place. Paperwork should never be allowed on the kitchen table, because it belongs somewhere else. Label boxes and drawers, and even kitchen cabinets if it helps, so everyone knows exactly where to put the mugs and cups.

When it comes to shopping, be diligent about what you allow into your home. Say “no, thank you” when you don’t need or want something – even If it’s on sale or a free gift.

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Step 4: Deep clean

Once you remove the clutter, do a deep clean. Here are our top three tips:

Wash your upholstery

  • Soft furnishings accumulate dust, mites, and dander, and this leads to unhealthy air quality. Wash curtains and sofa pillowcases in your washing machine, on a hot setting. Clean your kids’ soft toys in a bucket of soap and water, dry them completely, and then freeze them overnight in freezer bags to kill any dust mites.
  • Give your rugs a good washing, or hire a professional. Scrub them with soap and water (do not saturate them) and lay them outside to dry.
  • Air out your mattresses and flip them over.

Clean out hidden dust

This is the time to tackle those tough-to-reach spots we often neglect. For example, under the refrigerator and behind the washing machine (applicable to large furniture too), and ceiling fans.

Seal any gaps

Leaks, cracks, and broken seals in the walls can lead to bigger problems such as mould and insect infestation. Look out for trouble spots and get them repaired.