You’re done with your renovation, and looking for ways to dress up the interiors of your home with accessories and your favourite knick knacks.

Where do you start and how do you achieve an instagram-worthy #shelfie? 

1) Careful curation

Things like souvenirs from your travels, favourite books, decor accessories, photo frames, and even your favourite toys, will work!

Make sure that you choose items of different shapes, sizes and heights to ensure there is added dimensions with varying heights and forms.

2) Start right

Begin with larger items first, so you can plan the spaces on the shelves most efficiently. Then, complement the look with smaller items later, and create more texture with plants, or materials like ceramic and linen, if you like.

3) Create layers

Books and trays can help add height, where you can then place trinkets above to draw the eye.

You can also make use of larger accessories to keep books from toppling over, while keeping the shelves looking simple and neat.

4) Less is more

Remember that you do not want to include too many items as that will make the shelves look cluttered.

A careful curation of items is the key to a beautiful shelfie.