Design: Eightytwo

1. Unplug unused gadgets at night

Any eco article out there will probably tell you to unplug your gadgets when they’re not in use, to save electricity and money. Also bear in mind that gadgets that are plugged in continue to consume energy even when fully charged, so the excess energy turns into heat, which is released into the surrounding area. It’s best to switch them off, too, as your gadgets produce blue light that suppresses melatonin production, which helps regulate sleep. So do your body a favour, and reduce your exposure to blue light at night.


2. Choose bed linen made from cellulose-based fibres

Cellulose-based (or natural-source regenerated) fibres include bamboo and Tencel, and fabrics made from these are breathable, soft and smooth. The Grand Atelier Premium Collection bamboo sheets, available at Takashimaya and Tangs, are a highly absorbent and breathable material that wicks moisture away for a comfortable night’s sleep. Another option is naturally-occurring fibres, such as cotton and linen. Choose these over bedlinen made from synthetic fibres, as they score less on comfort and breathability, even though they are more durable.


3. Use a bed cooling system 

Ucoolz is an online company set up in 2011 that specialises in designing cooling products for Singapore’s hot climate. Its bestseller is the Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Mat with Digital Temperature Control set that you can place on your bed, mattress and even your carseat to help cool you down at any time. It works by continuously circulating cold water through a pump attached, which has to be changed every few months. The Ucoolz mattress pad is part of a green environment initiative to cut the rate of global warming by reducing the need for air-conditioning. 


4. Opt for a pillow that doesn’t retain heat

The head is one of the warmest parts of your body, so by cooling your head, it calms the body — which in turn, cools you down. Latex is a natural polymer and is more effective in preventing moisture and heat absorption. King Koil’s 100-per-cent latex pillow with cooling properties will not only keep you cool, but also support you by conforming to your head and neck.