Design: JQ Ong / The Association

1. Get rid of bulky knife holders

To free up more countertop space, stick knives into a jar filled with raw spaghetti. It will hold knives up the same way as those knife holders. Meanwhile, if your knives are blunt and you can't find the knife sharpener, a quick fix is to run the blades against the uncoated bottom of a ceramic mug.

2. Get a lazy susan

Fill awkward corners in kitchen cabinets with lazy susans to maximise use of space. They will help you gain access to items easily when swivelled.

3. Make use of walls

Walls are often under-utilised. If you are short of countertop space, mount containers with suction cups on the walls to store small items. To keep things from feeling too cluttered, select rails and baskets that are of similar colours to the walls. You can get such tools and organisers at Ikea.

4. Be a minimalist

Don't get tools that only serve one specific purpose, like egg separators or avocado slicers. A lot can be done with a good ol' knife and chopping board.

5. Use every inch of space

Fully utilise deep drawers by placing shelf inserts of different depths, or getting stackable shelving for tall cabinets from stores like Japan Home.


Adapted from The Singapore Women's Weekly.