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Do you have a wardrobe over-spilling with clothes yet feel you have nothing to wear? Do you spend hours in front of your wardrobe getting ready and feeling guilty for not having lost the baby weight or for having never worn this beautiful and expensive dress?

Would you like a wardrobe that makes you feel energised and empowered?

If yes, here are some tips on how to organise your wardrobe – and you'll be surprised at how much it helps your life!


1. Reflect

Before you even touch your clothes, develop a good understanding of the clothes that fit your body shape and the colours that complement your skin, hair and eye colours. Be clear on your style preferences.

2. Sort

Gather all the clothes you own from all around your home. Pick one item at a time and assign it to a category.

Categories could be clothes type or occasion. It doesn’t matter which categories you come up with provided they make sense to you.


3. Purge

Do you know that we use 20 per cent of our clothes 80 per cent of the time? The rest just hangs up there taking valuable space but also our energy.

Declutter your wardrobe – go through each category and decide what to keep and what to discard. Set aside clothes that:

  • Are not in good condition
  • No longer fit you
  • Are not comfortable wearing
  • You no longer like or that do not make you feel good
  • You have too many of
  • You can’t pair with any other items in wardrobe.

Items that are not in good condition can be tossed, the rest donated to charities, given away to friends or family, altered or sold. Make also a list of items you need to complete your wardrobe. 

And whatever you decide to do, set a deadline to complete these actions.


4. Assign a home

Every category/item needs to have a dedicated home so that you can easily remember where to put it away and to retrieve it.

Frequency of use and ease of access should be the key drivers to organising your wardrobe space. Bearing in mind that we only use what we can see, reserve hanging space and shelves below eye level to the clothes you wear on a regular basis.

Deciding what to hang or fold depends on your wardrobe configuration, how much you own in each category but also your preferences.

Prefer thick plastic or wooden hangers over wire hangers that can get easily entangled. Choosing hangers uniform in size and colour will make your closet look nice and orderly.

When it comes to folding, consider “filing” instead of “piling” so that you can easily find what you want at one glance and maintain the space tidy.

At the end of the day, if your wardrobe looks nice and tidy, you'll be more inclined to shop your wardrobe instead of hitting the shop and also to maintain it organised.


5. Containerise

Containerising is very helpful for keeping smaller items together. Use baskets, containers or boxes to store your scarves or belts, for example. Or use drawer dividers to separate different categories such as your bras, panties and socks.


6. Fine-tune

It’s not always possible to get the organising right first time. You may realise, for example, that the home you have allocated to your pants would be better used for your T-shirts.  So make necessary changes until you are completely satisfied.


7. Maintain

Maintenance is critical to keeping your wardrobe organised. 


Written by Nathalie Ricaud for The Finder