Here are 8 handy tips for home cooks to keep in mind!

Image: Pixabay

1. Get more juice from a lemon

Roll it on the countertop while applying gentle pressure. This makes it easier to extract all the juice it has after the lemon is cut open.
– Theresa Ong, homemaker 

2. Keep fruit flies away from bananas

Twisting the stalk causes juice to leak and attract fruit flies and ants. Use kitchen scissors instead of ripping a banana from the bunch.
– Guo Bao Qin, fruit seller, Soon Wing Industrial Building Canteen 

3. Ripen fruits faster

Store high ethylene-producing fruits like bananas, papayas or tomatoes together at room temperature. Green bananas ripen faster when placed in a brown paper bag for a day or two.”
– Mui-Kok Kah Wei, director of purchasing and merchandising, Ntuc Fairprice


Image: Pixabay

4. Clean chicken twice

Rub salt on thawed chicken before rinsing with water to get rid of excess dirt. Rinse again to remove odour.
– Yap Siew Yoke, homemaker 

5. Keep leftovers for…

Cold salads and sandwiches: Three days refrigerated.
Soups and stews: Two to three days refrigerated.
– Bibi Chia, consultant dietitian, Raffles Internal Medicine Centre

6. Reheat bread

Use a proper oven preheated to 200 to 220 deg C instead of the microwave oven. If you don’t fancy bread that’s too crusty, sprinkle the loaf with water before popping it into the oven.
– Xavier Baumgartner, managing director, Swissbake

Image: Pixabay

7. Keep brown sugar from clumping

Add a few marshmallows to the jar. They help absorb moisture, and prevent sugar from sticking together and hardening.

8. Recycle these items for double use in the kitchen!

Rice water:
Use it to wash greasy plates! Simply pour over crockery to remove oil more easily.
– Theresa Ong, homemaker 

Wine cork:
Fit it onto the tip of a knife before keeping it away. Good for those who don’t own a knife block as it keeps you injury-free. 
– Wendy Tan, homemaker 

Wash and place on the windowsill to repel lizards and geckos. 
– Yasmin Baygum, homemaker 



This article was first published on Shape.