In sunny Singapore, the air-conditioner is a must-have in every household!

With a wide selection on the market, how do you determine the right type for your home?

Experts at LG explain that “inverter air-conditioners are the preferred choice as they achieve desired temperature more quickly, are quieter, and draw less power compared to conventional models.” 

There are many types of multi-split system air-cons, and their suitability depends on factors including the size of the home and frequency of use.

For example, System Two – two units of air- conditioner to a condenser – is ideal for a three-room flat with the air-con units installed in two bedrooms, or in the master bedroom and living room.

Here are some options:

LG Artcool Platinum Series

Designed with tempered glass, the LG Artcool Platinum series provides clean air through five features – filtering, deodorising, eliminating, ionising, and auto cleaning – to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the air.

Samsung Five Ticks multi-split air-con with built-in Wi-Fi

This is Singapore’s first multi-split system with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate the appliance while on the go. It also comes with Samsung’s air-con air-purifying technology, which can also be controlled with the Samsung Smart Home App.

Daikin Five Ticks Smile Series

Having been awarded the Good Design Award, the Daikin Five Ticks Smile Series carries stylish and compact models that are perfect for tiny homes – even the outdoor units are compact enough to be installed through narrow windows.