living room styling cosy homey

If you've just moved into your new home, and even with all your basic furniture pieces in place, you feel like something is missing, it could be the personal touches! Here's how to bring some warmth and cosiness:

Assembling all the basic furniture pieces for your home does not guarantee a warm, lived-in feeling. Keep in mind that the largest surfaces in any home are the walls and floors, and these areas can make your space look painfully bare in the "just-moved-in" period. To create that lived-in look, you need to add lots of textural interest, a stronger colour scheme, and pieces of art.

Start from the floor up — add a big rug in a strong colour and a deep shag pile. This will not only add texture but visually "tie together" the loose living room furniture. Next, add large, plush cushions to the sofa for depth and a bit of contrast colour. To dress up the blank walls, look for a big painting to place behind the sofa to anchor the scene. You can find a wide variety of elegant, well-priced contemporary artworks, imaginatively framed and ready to hang, from trendy stores such as Crate & Barrel

Lastly, add some personality to your space with groupings of family photographs on the walls, and neat displays of your favourite objects and your kids' creative works on the TV console and sideboards.