Design: E&A Interiors

Don't let your decor objects, travel souvenirs, trinkets and such collect dust or clutter up your shelves! Make the most out of them, and create a stunning display in various corners of your home.

Here are three easy guidelines:

1. Layering

Create depth and height by using the pyramid rule. Anchor the display with the tallest item like a vase or picture frame in the middle, then gradually scale it down with smaller and shorter items in front and to the sides.

2. Group in odd numbers

Style your displays in groups of threes and fives rather than twos or fours, for a stronger and more aesthetically-pleasing visual balance.

3. Play with different textures

Don’t be afraid to mix materials! A varying scheme of antique and modern, shiny and matte, metallic and wood or ceramic and glass elements can really elevate and liven up your display.


Written by Elizabeth Liew for The Singapore Women's Weekly.