upcycling furniture laminates

If you want to give built-in furniture a new look, you can easily do so by changing just the surfaces!

You'll be amazed at what a lick of paint or a new laminate can do — making something old, new again! Have fun with laminates and make your wardrobe and table surfaces look like they've been clad in marble, exotic wood, metal or even fabric. Laminates with embossed textures provide that extra degree of realism. 

For your wardrobe, as long as its internal structure is in good condition, you can simply resurface the doors with new laminate or make new doors. "However, if the condition of the wardrobe is worn out, it would be more cost-effective and easier to rebuild your wardrobe," says Jansen Tan, the director of product and brand at Lamitak. 

The construction of your study table will determine if you are able to just change its top, says Jansen. For instance, if the tabletop is screwed onto the table legs or a support, you can get your contractor to build a new tabletop. However, for structures which are permanantly fixed, replacement will be tough.