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Did you know that the air-conditioner accounts for 37 per cent of the total electricity consumed in a Singapore home? As it is the top energy guzzler in a typical household, it is important to consider its energy efficiency when shopping for a new system.

To help consumers lower energy consumption and energy costs, the National Environment Agency began imposing stricter Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for air-cons starting last September.

While air-con models that were imported into Singapore had to attain at least 1 tick in the past, the new regulation now states that all current models must be of at least 2 ticks. A household can save about $100 annually in energy costs when switching from a 1-tick to a 2-tick air-con.

Besides the MEPS, the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (also known as MELS) provides consumers with useful energy information, such as the annual energy consumption and energy costs of the appliance. 

There are two types of air-conditioners available on the market — the non-invertor type and the invertor type. In non-inverter systems, the compressors operate at a constant speed, continually switching on and off to adjust to changes in room temperature.

On the other hand, inverter air-conditioners vary the compressor speed to adjust to changes in room temperatures, therefore making them more energy-efficient. The desired temperatures can also be achieved faster with less power and noise.


Tips for keeping your energy bills down:

– Choose an air-conditioner that has 3 ticks (good) to 5 ticks (excellent) on its Energy Label.

– Choose an invertor air-con, which is usually more energy-efficient.

– Select an appropriately sized air-con for your home. Having a unit that is too large or too small may increase your electricity bill.

– Set the thermostat to about 25 deg C.

– Close all windows and doors when using your air-con.

– Clean the air filter regularly and have your air-con serviced annually.

– Reduce your cooling load by installing awnings, blinds and solar reflecting film on the windows.