block out sun heat cool rooms

If your home faces the sun directly, on a hot day, the heat can be intolerable. Here's how to improve the situation, without raising your air-con bill:

Your best bet is to stop the sun's heat before it enters your home. Get your windows protected with 3M Prestige window film. This specially treated film will cut glare and UV rays by as much as 80 per cent, and keep your rooms cooler all day. It is also graded according to different tints, so you can choose a darker tint for better protection, without marring the view.

Next, drape the windows with thick curtains in a light colour. Light hues will reflect back the sun's rays, and heavy, thick fabric will trap heat in tis folds so it never reaches your interiors.

When you arrive home, open all the windows to let out the trapped heat. Let the breeze blow through and ventilate the rooms before you turn on the air-con; otherwise, it will have to work extra-hard to cool down the hot, humid rooms. Moreover, humid air will damage your belongings, with clothes and upholstered furniture attacked by mildew.