maintain laminate flooring home tips

Here's how to maintain laminate flooring at home:

Although it is more low-maintenance and less prone to scratches than real wood flooring, laminate flooring does have to be maintained in order to still look good in the long run. 

Cleaning is easy —just use a damp mob once or twice a week. Never use a wet, dripping mop. You can also consider using special cleaning agents available in the market.

Laminate flooring is only scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof. This means that scratches and lines can still be caused by dragging objects across the floor, so take care when you move furniture around; it's best to use furniture protectors on the legs of your pieces.

If the laminate starts to "pop up", it means that there wasn't enough allowance given for future expansion; the pieces may push against the wall and warp. It can also be due to water damage, when water seeps into the flooring, which causes floorboards to swell. This damage will have to be accessed by a flooring specialist.