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1 The energy consumed by one air-conditioner is equivalent to that of 13 fans. So if you can do without air-conditioning, use a fan and save around $460 every year.

2 When the weather gets too hot and you have to switch on the air-con, switch to a fan after a short while once the room has cooled down. This can save you about $400 a year. 

3 But if you must keep the air-con on, set it to 25 deg C or higher. You save about $15 a year for every degree raised.

4 As of September 1, 2016, Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for air-conditioners were raised from one tick to two. Consider an upgrade if your existing model bears only one tick. Changing to a two-tick air-conditioner could save your household about $100 annually, while a three-tick unit saves you around $260.


Electrical appliances

5 Your television, computer and even your coffeemaker all use energy when they are on standby mode. Save around $25 per year by switching them off at the power sockets. 

6 Shut down your computer, rather than letting it hibernate for long periods as this consumes energy too.

7 Replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Make sure to check the energy label on the packaging before buying any incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED lamp.

8 Turn the water heater on only when you shower and turn it off immediately after use. This will save you $110 a year. 

9 Choose the most efficient appliances by comparing the life cycle cost of different products with the National Environment Agency’s Life Cycle Cost Calculator. Simply download the free mobile app, myENV, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In the kitchen

10 Switch out your electric air-pot for a thermos flask and you could save $300 a year. 

11 When you boil water, use only as much as you need and you’ll save on energy and water bills.

12 Keep the lids on your pots while cooking, so the heat does not escape while you cook. Your food cooks faster so you use less energy over time.

13 In the refrigerator, keep liquids covered and food wrapped. This keeps moisture in the food from escaping so the compressor requires less energy to maintain the humidity and temperature.

14 Replace your old, inefficient refrigerator with a three-tick model and save around $75 per year.



Written by Davelle Lee for Simply Her.