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It is not an easy task entertaining guests or throwing a great party, but setting the right ambiance is half the battle won. Your guests will feel comfortable and in a good mood, without you having to do much!

From picking the right kind of lighting to decorating your space, keep in mind these important factors: 


1. Lighting Matters

“It’s especially important to have the right lighting, one that’s not too bright or that changes as the night goes on,” says Anna Lim, Creative Director of Spellbound Group.  She suggests using battery-operated block candles of varying heights, which are safer than those with traditional wicks.


Ikea Stopen LED block candles (set of three), battery-operated, $16.90.


2. Keep Decor Simple And Elegant

Keep the decor uncluttered, says Ekta Hathiramani, Event Organiser at Panache Events. She advises that a simple flower arrangement and block candles are sometimes enough to create a beautiful setting and party ambience. “Also, keep the entryway clear as this is where you’ll be greeting guests as they walk in,” she suggest.


Image: Pixabay


3. Make Your Home Smell Amazing

“When guests enter the room, they should be delighted with a nice scent,” Anna says. She recommends a diffuser with a soft fragrance like lavender or a mix of spring scents such as citrus or gardenia. Don’t forget to freshen up the bathroom or “powder room” as well!


Diptyque Le Sablier The Hourglass diffuser in Fleur d’Oranger (Orange Blossom), $227.


4. Put On Suitable Background Music

To set the mood as guests start to arrive, Anna suggests playing mellow jazz music to welcome them and create a warm, friendly atmosphere. “Then, during dinner, the music can be a bit more upbeat but not too loud,” Anna says, as you don’t want to drown out our guests’ conversations!”

Creative Nuno portable bluetooth fabric speakers, $49.


5. Be Consistent With The Theme

“Pick a theme or colour concept and stick to it so as to keep the decor consistent for your party,” Ekta says. Your decor shouldn’t become a distraction from the party – rather, it should facilitate your guests’ enjoyment of the evening. So keep things streamlined!


Here's a handy party prep checklist to help you create an enchanting and memorable evening:


Written by Elizabeth Liew for The Singapore Women's Weekly.