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An idea for storing your handbags and prevent them from going mouldy, if you have limited storage space:

There is never really enough space for that growing bag collection! Although you didn't factor storage for bags into your initial design plan, there are easy ways you can still accommodate them. Make use of your vertical spaces, such as walls. The designers at White Space Living suggest: "Find a plain wall and install some nice hooks, spacing them out based on the size of the biggest bag you have. Hang the bags in random order to create a feature. Hanging them out in the open will also prevent the bags from getting mouldy easily. You can install a shelf to display bags that aren't suitable for hanging."

As an instant fix, use store-bought organisers from shops such as Howards Storage World and Ikea.

To prevent mould from forming on leather bags, never tie them up in plastic bags, but in the breathable dust jackets they come in, or in old pillowcases. You can even hang the dust jackets by the cord on S-hooks off your closet railing.