how to style a coffee table living room decorating

Design: Distinct Identity

Your living room is probably one of the most important spaces at home — its where the family gathers and you entertain guests. Your coffee table, as the centerpiece of the space, can make a huge difference, when it comes to setting the tone.

Decorate it to show your personality, so that it is stylish apart from functional! Here's how.



+ Box, bowl, ginger jar or container

To corral odds and ends, and contain smaller decorative curiosities.

+ Stack of books

To add dimension and serve as light reading material or entertainment for guests.

+ Candlelight

To create ambience and mood, and perhaps add scent to the room.

+ Something with personality

To add a unique, interesting element that says something about you; it and also acts as a good conversation starter.

+ Something fresh and natural

To accent with a hint of fresh colour, and help to bring the outdoors in.

+ Tray

To group and organise items or move them around easily.



  1. Include items with height to create depth and “layers” among your objects.
  2. Use a sturdy ottoman or pouf in place of a table — this can come in handy as extra seating, too.
  3. Who says you have to be restricted to just one surface? Try arranging a pair of smaller tables side by side or overlapping nesting tables for added style.
  4. The space below the table can be utilised, too. Include it as part of your styling or tuck small poufs underneath.
  5. Take care not to overcrowd the table, and leave some space for your guests to place their drinks.
  6. Having a box of matches on hand will encourage the use of candles or tea lights for mood lighting.
  7. If you have a TV or audio equipment in the room, stow away the remote controls in a nice box.
  8. Your stack of books can also serve as a pedestal — just top it off with something attractive.
  9. Place your book piles in both horizontal and vertical directions to break the monotony and provide some dimension.
  10. Use glass boxes to display and keep fragile mementos safe.