Living in the same environment can become boring and uninspiring after some time. If you are tired of how your living spaces look, but don't want to renovate at this point, you can make simple and effective updates that will give your home a new look.

The best part is, it doesn't have to cost you much or anything at all! All it takes is tweaking, tidying and editing what you currently have, and adding a few new pieces here and there.


1. Display souvenirs from your last vacation

Corral a bunch of trinkets you collected from your latest trip and create a stylish vignette or display using a decorative tray or bowl. It'll warm your heart whenever you see it, and can also work as a talking point for guests. 

Try: White terrazzo tray, $39.80, from 3 Little Picks


2. Change cushions

This easy step yields big results. It's so much easier to change what's on your sofa, instead of the entire sofa anyway!

Try: Penninggras cushion, $9.90, from Ikea


3. Declutter

You'll be surprised at what a bit of tidying up can do! Make use of home organisation and storage accessories, too.

Try: Hearts copper recycled canvas bucket, $18, from Naiise


4. Update wall art

How long has that framed piece been hanging on your wall? If you can't remember, or if your answer is "since we moved in", it's time to refresh your wall. It's so simple nowadays, as art prints are inexpensive and there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from.

Try: Mia abstract art print, $16, from Cluster-Cluster


5. Add greenery

Plants are a good way to refresh your living room! And if you've no time to maintain real plants, make do with artificial ones.

Try: Clover tree, $11.90 from Comfort Design


6. Reorganise shelves and displays

You won't even need to spend with this simple trick: Edit your display shelves by taking away things that a) don't belong there, b) are outdated and no longer add to your space. Then, rearrange the remaining items and add a couple of fresh, new pieces — could even be pieces you already own.


7. Rearrange your furniture

For a more dramatic overhaul that won't cost you a cent, change the configuration of your living room furniture. Try shifting the sofa around, moving the coffee table from the centre to the side, or swopping pieces from a different room.


Try: Arranging furniture in an open-concept space


Adapted from The Singapore Women's Weekly.