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Fretting over a leaking air-conditioner or a fridge that’s lost its cool is a common issue many homeowners have to deal with. The situation becomes worse when your appliances are not covered by their warranties anymore, because that means forking out additional costs for repair and replacement of new parts.

Now, if you want to do away with the stress and hassle of dealing with unexpected expenses and searching for a reliable handyman, consider signing up for the LoveHome service. Home & Decor and The Warranty Group have collaborated to bring you this repair and maintenance scheme, covers your key appliances at home. The refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, air conditioner, as well as the oven, hob and hood — regardless of brand and age — are “insured” for an annual fee of $399.

When you sign up, you'll receive a one-off Health Check assessment of your appliances (which have to be registered), to ensure that they are in good working condition prior to the programme activation. Should any break down during the 12-month subscription period, all you have to do is call the hotline to request an authorised service technician. Think of it as a concierge service for your essential home appliance needs. But that's not all — if the faulty appliance requires replacement, Love Home will even offer a brand and model of equivalent value based on the available service limit amount ($1,500 for each appliance).

Now while similar plans are already popular with homeowners in the west, LoveHome is the first of its kind here in Singapore. As the world’s premier global providers of warranty solutions, The Warranty Group is backed by over 50 years of experience and over $5 billion in assets, assuring homeowners of definite coverage for the appliances.

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