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Avoid the musty smell and pest infestations in your crockery cabinet — here's how:

You can counter musty odours inside your cupboards by using your crockery more often. Failing that, make it a habit to air out your storage cupboards regularly. This is especially important if you live in a low-lying district where the air is still and humidity is high. Mould, termites and roaches will also multiply in dank, dark cabinets.

To prevent this, leave the doors wide open for a few hours every month. Pest exterminators say that insects hate to be disturbed. So, shuffle things around a bit and inspect the back and sides of your cupboards for termite trails and insect droppings. Draw up a cleaning schedule — take out the chinaware on each shelf and clean it on a rotating basis at least three times a year. 

A convenient location often ensures better utilisation. If you have to search the upper reaches of your cabinets, you won't bother using the items placed there often. Look for a neat, low console suitable for crockery storage, and place it right next to the dining table. Chances are you'll want to take out your treasures more often. Besides, daily chores like setting the table or locating the serving spoons will be a breeze. Do rotate your dinnerware so every piece gets an airing and a cleaning more often.