Design: Haire Living

Want to make your home look more expensive and luxurious? It doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Thoughtful touches here and there and selecting the right pieces can instantly jazz up your spaces. Here are 7 ways:


1. A hint of marble

Infusing just a touch of marble can bring understated elegance and a sense of timelessness to your home. Who says it needs to be marble slabs? Go for a couple of pieces like clocks, trivets, bowls or even a bean bag with a marbly fabric.

White marble bean bag, $220, from Naiise


2. A plush cushion or two

Lounge with one or two velvet, linen or suede cushions that will instantly lift the look of any sofa. Consider elegant prints to give a bit more personality and style.

Feathers rectangle cushion, $38.70, from Hipvan


3. Metallic accents

A pop of polished copper, brass or gold will bring an air of sophistication to your space. Look for accent pieces such as pendant lamps, centrepieces and side tables.

GM 30 pendant lamp, $889, from Grafunkt


4. Tasteful and functional decor pieces

Look for pieces that are both decorative and useful. For example, a nice tray can be used to turn your countertops and table clutter into gorgeous vignettes, and also be used as serveware when guests come around. It's an effortless and elegant combination of form and function. 

Terracotta tray in gold, $55, from Cluster-Cluster


5. A mix of vintage and modern

An antique-style piece of furniture will perfectly complement modern interiors as it lends richness and detail to a room. A mirror will make the space look bigger, too!

Ung Drill mirror, $29.90, from Ikea


6. Area rugs

Roll out a chic area rug under tables, sofas or beds to add dimension and feeling of luxury to a room. Don't be afraid to mix and match with upholstery as well; the trick is to vary the scale of each pattern so that the overall look isn't too cluttered.

Nani Marquina Formosa rug, from Space


7. A dramatic wall

An accent wall using deep, rich shades ushers in depth and a bit of drama, and can be used as a backdrop to make other elements in the room stand out. Just remember to create balance by complementing with a lighter-coloured furniture.

Dulux paint in Blue Grass


Written for The Singapore Women's Weekly.