Hate the fingerprints, streaks and messes on glass surfaces around your home? Find out how you can clean them away – easily and efficiently.

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Image: Desmond Ong

You might think it is an old wives’ tale, but using newspapers to clean mirrors really works!

  • The thin material absorbs dirt or liquid on the surface of the glass, instead of pushing it around and leaving streaks. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, clean your mirrors with two balls of scrunched up newspaper.
  • Dampen the first ball and use that to wipe the mirror, then use the second dry piece to go over the slightly damp surface till it looks bright and shiny.

Most glass cleaners work well on weather-beaten windows, but if you’re still left with streaks and spots, it could be due to the way you are cleaning the surface.

  • Use a squeegee instead of an old rag. This simple tool has a rubber ridge at the end of its handle, which is great for gently scraping the surface of your window without leaving streaks.
  • To avoid drips or having to go over your window twice, always clean from top to bottom. If the corners of the window have dust residue stuck in them, clean them out with cotton buds. 
  • Clean your windows on a cool, cloudy day. Extremely hot days can dry out your windows too quickly, leaving you with water marks.

Shower doors
Textured shower windows can be difficult to clean, but try this homemade tool that will clean out every nook and cranny. 

  • Cut a lemon in half and dip the cut surface into salt. Use the salted surface to scrub the doors.
  • Keep dipping your lemon into salt crystals, which act as a scrub that will clean between the crevices. This works great on smooth surfaces, too.