Soft furnishings like curtains, cushions and sofa covers and rugs tend to be neglected because they are tiresome and time-consuming to clean. Yet, because they’re often made of heavy fabrics that trap dust and dirt easily, they need regular attention.
Always follow the laundry recommendations on the care label or check with the supplier for cleaning instructions.

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Image: Korla cushions from Originals

Dry-clean only. It is too heavy to handle when dry.

Dry-clean only. For light stains and spots, wipe a cloth dampened lightly with mild detergent solution, then wipe again with clean water, and towel dry. Brush while damp to prevent the hairs from tangling.

Wash using a detergent for delicates, and use a laundry net if cleaning in the washing machine. Iron on the wrong side while damp.

Dry-clean, or wipe off stains and dirt spots with a clean, damp cloth.

Mostly dry-clean, but washing may be possible (check the care label). If washed, restore the pile while drying occasionally shaking it or smoothing with a soft brush. Iron on a cool setting, while slightly damp with the pile facing down on a towel.