Are the stains, scratches and tears on the walls or furniture aggravating you? We have some tips to help draw attention away from those unattractive messes and onto something more pleasant.

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Image: Jenni Bowlin Studio Inspiration 

1. Use scraps of left over fabrics 
Use a sheer fabric to conceal the contents of open shelves. To make your generic-looking stool match, wrap it in a fabric similar in style or colour.
Hand sewn fabric flowers stitched from thumb-sized scraps onto artificial stalks and set them in a porcelain milk jug.

2. Use wallpaper
Don’t underestimate the power of a wallpaper. It immediately covers up what looks bad and replace it with something eye-catching!

3. Decorative pieces
Use decorative pieces like alphabet magnets, block letters or pictures!
To make your own magnet, simply glue the magnets to the pictures.

4. Wrapping paper
Do you have a shelf that has chipped at its corners or is scratched up? 
Try wrapping them with decorative gift wrap papers, it gives them a splash of colour so you don't see the chips or scratch marks!

You can even try out these DIY ideas just for fun!