magnetic display board
(Credit: Pinterest)

I've lots of fridge magnets from all over the world. Unfortunately, they won't stick on my new stainless steel fridge. How can I showcase my collection now?

A stainless steel fridge should provide good contact for your magnets — but it is possible that the door has a lining that neutralises the magnetic pull.

Create your own magnet display by hanging a set of 10 to 12 metal message boards (from Ikea or other decor stores) flush together to form a huge, blank "poster". Stick with one colour, such as black or white, to make your colourful collection stand out. Make your wall art more diverse and interesting by interspersing the magnets with vibrant travel postcards, maps, snapshots and personal notes that highlight your latest travel adventures. Hang your interactive art near the kitchen or the corridor where it can be easily appreciated.

You can also try clipping the larger magnets onto a jute string with mini clothes pegs and hanging the display across a wall, or just letting it hang down from a knot over a wall hook. You could even customise a door out of galvanised metal to display your treasured magnets and other knick-knacks.