Your renovations are complete; your furniture is in place. Everything looks great, except the blank walls. You’ve got a collection of family photos, prints and art in different sizes, an assortment of frames and the big challenge of organising it all. So how do you make sure visual chaos doesn’t ensue?



First of all, you don’t want it to look cluttered. If you have too many family photos, be strict in your selection for what goes up on the wall. Pick those that you genuinely like, and not those you simply feel obligated to hang up. You want those that are special and best represent your family. Leave out all the unnecessary ones. (Read: Not every single wedding photo is the most meaningful or beautiful, and you don’t need 37 photos of your baby.)


Your best bet is to let the style of your home dictate the arrangement of your frames.


Group frames of different sizes in an unrestricted and free format. You can use frames with different designs, as long as they are somewhat similar (same profiles, shape, colour tones etc.).


Stick to a structured grid arrangement, with matching frames. Further unify them with photos of the same size, and even same colour.


Go for a fusion of photos, prints and art. You can even try hanging them up in a random pattern with various frames. Just remember to balance size and scale.


+ Convert all the photos to black and white (works well because recent photos can match with those taken in the past)

+ Use frames that are similar in material and shape, if you have photos in different size and format (landscape or portrait)

+ If you have many different old frames, paint them all in a refreshing shade to unify them

+ For spaces with a lot of detail and colour, go for understated but elegant silver frames

+ For lots of different colourful photos, display each with a thick white border in minimalist frames