Space Sense, industrial-style
Design: Space Sense

As the inspiration for the industrial look can be traced back to the style of a specific period of time – the industrial age – its elements are quite easy to identify. The industrial age saw the introduction of power-driven machines for mass manufacturing, and that’s why so many industrial-style pieces feature “machine” parts such as gears, wheels and metal piping. Just one of these pieces, such as a coffee table with oversized wheels for castors, or a shelf which uses exposed metal piping for its frame, can make an impressive industrial statement in your space!

Make sure the style of the space is complementary to your furniture pieces. Think of warehouse or factory spaces, and how plain and devoid of decoration they are. So, for this look, it’s best to go for raw concrete floors and walls. But as it’s your home after all, you might want to soften the look of those hard-edged pieces with a fabric or leather sofa, a simple rug, and some colourful accessories.