In Part 1, we gave you tips on caring for your vacuum cleaner, oven, television sets, and air-conditioner. Here are more tips on keeping your home in tip-top condition.

(image: Kee Wes)


Check the dryer vent (located at the back or side) at least once a year and remove any lint around it, says Amin. “A clogged vent can cut down the air supply and make the dryer work overtime to expel moisture from clothes,” he adds. The lint can also build up behind the tumbler, where the heating element is, and may catch fire. 


Clean the condenser coils, usually at the back of the fridge, every three to six months – dust and dirt reduce the fridge’s efficiency, making it work harder and wear down faster, says Billy. Unplug and pull out the fridge, then vacuum the coils; or call in a serviceman for help. Don’t forget to clean the condenser coils under your fridge, too. 


Try not to process foods like hard spices and coffee beans, as they can damage the plastic bowl. Sometimes, even common nosh like nuts can do damage – over time, they may even break the blades. To clean your food processor, try reader Anita Devan’s tip: Pour some water and vinegar into the bowl, and power it on for a couple of seconds. This cleans every point under the blade. Flush the blade and bowl with clean water. 


Check clothes pockets. Coins and other hard objects can damage the drum. “A damaged drum could cause the washing machine to stop spinning completely, leaving you with sopping wet clothes,” says Amin. Don’t overload the unit. It puts a strain on the motor and causes it to wear out faster. When the drum is filled, pat the clothes down lightly to ensure there’s a palm-sized space between the top of your clothes and the drum. If it’s a tight squeeze, take some clothes out. 

This article was originally published in Simply Her March 2012.