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The first thing you must do is to throw open the windows and air out the room! Do this often to prevent the air from getting stale.

You might not be able to see mould with the naked eye, but
 if a room smells musty, there’s probably mould growing on the surface,” says Bernard Tan of Akzo Nobel, which manufactures Dulux paint.

Identify the source of the mould and fix it – is it a leak within the walls, or maybe an opening that’s allowing rain to trickle in? Rainwater can sometimes seep in through the walls, too!

For a natural remedy, place pieces of black charcoal around the room to deodorise the air and reduce dampness, advises Militza Maury of Little Green Dot, an eco-friendly living blog. Make a room spray with all-natural essential oils (get the recipe at, instead of using chemically scented room fresheners.

If you’re clearing out the room for someone to move in, give it
 a fresh coat of paint to visually brighten it up. “Consider using Dulux Fungicidal Wash to remove the mould on the walls before painting,” says Bernard.