Design: W2DA

Photo collages are lovely to have at home, but won’t do any favours for your wall with all the holes you have to drill.

If you’re planning to display many pictures of various sizes,
it might be difficult to get their hanging positions right. Drill in the wrong spot and each mistake would need to be patched up. Interior designer Ken Lee of Space Matters says: “It is hard to tell if the concrete wall will crack while drilling.”

If your picture frames aren’t that heavy, he recommends using hooks attached with double- sided tape instead, such as 3M’s Command picture hanging hooks.

There are a range of weight options available for each hook; use more than one hook to
hold heavier pieces. Just make sure you follow the installation instructions. These hooks can also be removed cleanly when you want to move the artworks. 3M also offers picture-hanging strips which hold frames using velcro.

“These will give you the flexibility to rearrange the frames and remove the hooks or velcro strips without causing any cracks to your wall,” says Ken.