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Design: Prozfile

Glass walls and large windows let in lots of light, but if you've got the afternoon sun in your home, the heat can be unbearable.

Traditional window treatments such as blinds and curtains shield your home from the sun, and provide privacy, but block out the light. For a cool and bright, yet private room, your best solution would be to install window films.

They are barely noticeable and are attached to your windows with adhesive. 3M Sun Control window films reportedly block up to 90 per cent of heat, 93 per cent of glare, and 99 per cent of ultraviolet rays.

For more privacy during the day, “install any 3M Sun Control window film with a metallic component. It works like those in police interrogation rooms
– in the day, when the room
is darker, people cannot look through your window due to the reflection. But at night, when the room’s lights are switched on, you’ll need curtains for privacy,” says Josephine Heng of Jestac, the authorised distributor and applicator of 3M window films.