Here's all you need to know about maintaining a clean and grease-free kitchen!

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Image: The Association

On the kitchen hood: Clean the grating with a handheld steamer. The steam will soften the caked grease, which makes it easier to wipe away with a soft cloth, soap and hot water. Leave it to dry.

On the wood panels: Remove grease and grime build up with this cleaning mixture that’s so quick and easy to prepare. Mix half a cup each of olive oil and vinegar with two cups of warm water. Then use this liquid to gently rub the wood panels with a rag for efficient issue.

On tile grouting: A heavy-duty cleaner is required to remove grease that has set into the porous grouting between the tiles. Mix together a cup each of warm water and powdered bleach. Using a rag, wipe the surface with solution and allow it to soak into the grout before scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Although the grouting won’t whiten immediately, it should appear cleaner after multiple applications.

In the microwave: Fill a bowl halfway with water and squeeze in some juice from a lemon. Add the rest of the lemon into the water and microwave until the water boils. Let the bowl sit for a few minutes to allow the steam to fill the machine’s cavity. Wipe the interior with a damp cloth and you’ll have a lemon-fresh scent in the microwave!