Here’s how to put together a basic tool kit so you can repair and construct works around your home.

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Image: Freedigitalphotos – Vichayang Kiatying Angsulee

Must-have tools:

Hammer – A 16-ounce (454g) claw hammer is just right for adding or pulling out nails, and any other jobs that need a solid whack.

Screwdriver – Whether you want to assemble a new furniture or fix a loose cabinet handle, a screwdriver is always indispensable. Choose one that comes with interchangeable heads, particularly a flat head and a Phillips head.

Retractable tape measure – Before buying a sofa or a flat-screen TV, measure your walls and floor space well to ensure a perfect fit.

Wrench or spanner – Grab an adjustable wrench to tighten or loosen the head of your leaky faucet or your bicycle’s nuts and bolts.

Slip-joint pliers – The most versatile pliers for the average homeowner, use these to cut or bend tough wire, clamp things together or pull out small nails or screws.

Level – Nothing dims the joy of new shelves more than crooked lines. Use your workman’s level when you’re building them or putting up artwork.

Electric drill – This power tool saves time and hard work – you’ll be able to install new locks, a ceiling fan, curtain rods and shelves in a flash. A 12-volt model, preferably cordless, is light yet packs enough punch.

Extras – Safety equipment, fasteners and other useful stuff such as work gloves, goggles, putty, nails and screws as well as medium-grade sandpaper can be added in.