Don’t wait till the last minute to pack when you are moving into a new home. If there’s one thing about packing, it’s never too early to start. 

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Photo: Clutterdown

Pack ahead of time
Once you confirm a moving company, they will deliver boxes ahead of your moving day. Start filling the boxes with things you can do without for the next month or so, such as books and decorative items.

List and label all items
On each box, write the room it belongs to on at least three sides so they can be clearly seen even when stacked. Write the contents on each box. Be specific, for example, “cookery and interior decor books” rather than “books”. In addition to labelling the boxes, do up an inventory list either on the computer or in a notepad, listing every item that goes into each box.

Balance the contents
Pack books into smaller boxes, or pack heavier items with some lightweight items such as soft toys and cushions. Heaviest things at the bottom, and the lightest at the top.

Use your luggage
Stuff your clothes into luggage and duffle bags –they’re easy to carry and identify when you need to dig out clothes to wear shortly after moving in.

Have a personal carry on
Set aside one small storage container for each family member to fill with personal items they need straight away –towel, bed sheets, travel cosmetic case, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Safeguard all valuables
Keep important documents such as passports, birth certificates, bank statements as well as jewellery with you, and carry them personally.