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Design: Free Space Intent

Carpets and other soft furnishings are crucial in infusing a space with cosiness and texture.

As Hadi Nishaburi of carpet specialist Jehan Gallery puts it: “A rug in any room defines
 a space. In the living room,
 its main role is to bring the furnishings together, create harmony in the space and,
in doing so, build the desired ambience. A rug helps to demarcate an area and emphasise the importance
 of that space, too.”

He says there are no fixed rules to determine the size of your carpet or rug. “Proportion is key. The design and colour of the rug plays a part, too. Decide if the rug is to be the focal point or just serve as a complement to the design of the room.

“If it’s the focal piece, it can be of any size within the confines of the living set, going slightly under some pieces or beyond the living set.”

Placing the edge of the rug underneath your sofa, for example, hides the edge from view and creates the illusion of a bigger space.
 “As a complementary piece, the rug should not fight for attention and it should be just slightly under the general living set’s size. It should help the living set create a sense of space and not make the room look cluttered,” says Hadi.