Spot cleaning and vacuuming aren’t always enough- sometimes more needs to be done. Shampooing is appropriate for heavily soiled carpets, and also keeps rugs looking new by removing mould and mildew. 

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Image: Benjeemin Heng I.D.

To prevent shrinkage and protect the floor below:
Spray the shampoo onto the rug and avoid over wetting. Use a wet vacuum cleaner to extract excess liquid and leave the carpet to dry overnight.

For light-hued rugs that are more susceptible to fading, you can minimise it by:
Keeping windows covered with curtains, blinds or a protective coating that filters UV rays. If you go for heat-reflective films, choose paler films as their darker counterparts tend to block out too much natural light, which will make your home look gloomy.

To reduce indents caused by heavy objects:
Gently move heavy items away from their original spots regularly. Or use a soft bristle brush to sweep the fibres away in the same direction as the pile. Moisten the area slightly and brush again if the fibres stay stubbornly flat. Make sure the carpet dries completely.