Peranakan, tiles, pattern, retro, black and white
Design: Prozfile

I love nostalgic-looking retro tiles, but I’m not sure how much of those I should use. Any advice? 

These decorative tiles you mentioned have boomed in popularity over the past few years due to the interest in vintage and retro designs. Heavily patterned, they can be overwhelming if they cover too large an area. So if you decide to use them as flooring in any area of the home, make sure they
are balanced out by plain and undecorated surfaces. For example, in the kitchen, they can be used on the floor or as a splashback in combination with cabinetry and countertops in one colour. The same goes for the bathroom, where the usually white sanitaryware can counter a heavily patterned floor.

You can try to mix patterned and plain tiles too, since they are available as individual square tiles. One tip is to choose patterns with similar elements or colours. And remember you don’t have to use patterned tiles for the whole floor in any space – think of it as a rug, and create a square or rectangle underneath the dining table, at the hallway, or wherever you want it!