WHAT: Katamama, the first hotel by PTT Family, the group behind Potato Head Beach Club. It was designed by Indonesian architect Andra Matin.

WHERE: Seminyak, Bali

WHY WE LOVE IT: Katamama is home to 100 art pieces by contemporary artists in the region, as well as bespoke furniture crafted by a Surabaya-based carpenter. This imbues the hotel with an authentic, Indonesian spirit – in art, crafstmanship, and hospitality. 

“The idea behind Katamama was to represent Bali, but [be] modern at the same time. The main concept is actually the 'modern' architecture of 60s and 70s. It’s very geometrical,” says Andra Matin, who is known for his passion for the mid-century look.

Working with a Surabaya-based carpenter, only Indonesian Grade-A teak, sourced from certified forests, was used. The majority of the furniture pieces are influenced by Indonesian mid-century design, a unique style often likened to the mid-century European style. 

The new, bespoke pieces are paired with classic vintage furniture from PTT Family’s private collection, which includes the Pendant lamps ph5s by Louis Poulsen, Side and armchair Thonet No 811 by Josef Hoffman, and an assortment of classic Danish mid-century dining chairs and floor lamps.

Every bespoke detail at Katamama was handcrafted by Indonesian artisans and craftspeople, often using a traditional process. This includes the more than one million hand-pressed Balinese bricks, normally used for holy temples, to construct the hotel, and all of the timber and the amenities found in the rooms and throughout the hotel.