Vignettes are unique to you, the homeowner. It is a well-curated grouping of what you like, want to highlight, and the interesting trinkets you have. And while this is the best time to bring out the old box of antiques and knick knacks, you can also purchase these items to help accentuate the feature spot.

gold, irregular, vase, bowl, vignette

1) Bowls. Though, not everything has to be symmetrical and perfect! This pair of irregular, sculpted Bash Bowl by Tom Dixon lends an organic touch to the design-savvy cluster. Get it from Xtra.

 vignette, books, plants

2) Books. Well-kept fashion books, large encyclopedias with yellowing pages, children's titles… it all depends on the character of your home or the space.

plates, vignette, feature wall

3) Decorative plates that are too pretty to eat on. These belong on the walls! Yes, vignettes extend towards the walls and the surrounding areas too; don't limit them to tabletops.

bell jar

4) Bell jars. The best part is you can put anything in them, from dried flowers to a ceramic necklace stand (if it fits) and even a tiny vase. Get creative.

glass tray, proof living

5) Glass trays. To give some items a bit of height, or create a section whether it's for various snacks, candles, or small trinkets of the same kind. Get the Kingstreet Glass Tray from Proof Living.