Astro boy decal
Design: Wolf Woof

Your tenant status should not mean living with characterless walls! There are many ways to decorate walls without leaving holes or marks. Removable decals and wallpaper can instantly turn a “blah” wall into a conversation starter. 

If you like the DIY route, consider using washi tape for creating patterns on walls, doors, light switch plates, window glass, and practically any flat surface. This patterned type of masking tape is low-adhesive, and can be removed easily. The Internet is full of washi decorating ideas to inspire you!

If you’re into art, the 3M range of picture hanging strips and Command hooks are a good way of putting in temporary fixtures. The former carry frames from 1.8kg to 7.2kg in weight, while the latter take up to 3.9kg.

Framed art looks just as good when casually leaned against the wall, whether on the floor or on top of consoles, kitchen cabinets or shelves. To anchor bigger and heavier frames, press on some rubberised pads on the bottom edge of the frame for more grip.