This insider tip from Maureen Courcenet of Signé Design — a savvy interior designer in Singapore, will help transform your space!

Design: Collective Designs

Q: How many pillows are too many pillows on the sofa or bed. My husband and I can't agree!

A: The pillow conundrum is top of the list with my couple-clients.

If your other half is truly a no-pillow man, make sure you choose a sofa that's comfortable already. With a comfy base taking care of your seat, simply accessorize with a few statement cushions.

The number will depend on the style you’re after — a stylish look with one on each end, an eclectic look with three quirky square cushions spread across your sofa and so on.

Do not match your pillows to your sofa! Make the most of the few you’ve got by choosing them in a colour, pattern or texture that will make them pop. Reference other items in the room: artwork, armchairs or wallpaper.

Design: Bowerman Interior Planner

On the bed, keep it simple with four cushions: two large matching cushions at the back, two decorative smaller ones in front.

To fulfill your love of cozy plushness, have fun harmonizing said cushions with a lush plaid splayed on your sofa or a flamboyant bed runner or maybe even a teeny-tiny accent cushion. Now that isn’t cheating, is it?

Written by Sara Lyle Bow for The Finder.