Our homes ought to be a safe haven for rest at the end of a long and tiring day, but before it can be, its gateways and high-risk areas should be secured so that it can adequately protect its inhabitants.

We suggest solutions to four parts of the home you might want to invest security devices in for greater peace of mind.

1. Main door

We all need a lock for our main doors,  and with the variety of options available , it can be difficult to make a choice.

Why not consider the Igloohome Smart Mortise, a digital lock that can be controlled with your smartphone? Apart from the typical entry modes offered by most digital locks, such as PIN code, key card and RFID sticker, the app-enabled Smart Mortise allows you to grant access to your home even when you’re away. Simply create PIN codes or bluetooth keys and send them to whomever is visiting your place from the app.

Find out more about Igloohome’s Smart Mortise lock here


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2.  Kitchen 

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is one other area in the home that’s a hotbed of potential accidents waiting to happen. For instance, those of us who use gas for cooking would have had the more than occasional worry of gas leaks from forgetting to switch off the stove.

City Gas’ gas detector helps to ease that concern with its ability to detect piped town gas, cylinder Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or natural gas – all types of gases commonly used in Singapore households. Once a leak is detected, the detector’s alarm will sound and trigger messages to alert the homeowners, who should immediately ventilate the home by opening windows and doors, and call City Gas’ 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800-752-1800.

City Gas’ gas detector retails from $95 and is available at City Gas Gallery at 8 Cross Street and Woodlands Civic Centre, Home-Fix DIY stores, and Hoe Kee Hardware stores. Find out more here

3. Windows, cupboards and drawers

Cupboards, drawers and windows are especially hazardous to young children, whose small fingers can get caught in closing doors or hinges.

Get instant alerts whenever cupboards or windows are opened or closed with the ASUS SmartHome Open/Close Sensor. One of the many devices in ASUS's SmartHome range, the Open/Close sensor can be controlled and monitored via the free ASUS SmartHome app on users’ mobile devices.

Find out more about the ASUS SmartHome range here and the Open/Close Sensor here.  

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4. All around the home

Break-ins commonly happen when a residence is unoccupied, so it is impossible to know if your home is being robbed while you’re away. A motion sensor solves this problem.

Using infrared ray technology, the ASUS SmartHome Motion Sensor is able to detect and send out a notification upon sensing suspicious or unexpected movement around the home. It can also be connected to the SmartHome Siren to set off a sonic alert and a flashing light once it senses an unexpected movement.

Find our more about the SmartHome Motion Sensor here.