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Instead of splurging on a major overhaul to spruce up a tired-looking kitchen, Akzo Nobel suggests giving your cabinetry a fresh coat of paint to update its look. First, lightly sandpaper the surface and apply primer so that the paint can adhere better to the surface. Pick cooler paint shades such as beige and brown to achieve a sleek, contemporary look. To achieve a perfect finish, apply a subtle sheen with Dulux Gloss Finish for protection and durability.


When choosing fresh octopus, it should look wet and slightly shiny. It should also have a slight scent of the sea. Freeze it immediately when you get home, as this helps break down the tissue – allowing it to become tender rather than remain rubbery. – Portugese chef Henrique Sa Pessoa, during a cooking demonstration at the Miele kitchen during the World Gourmet Summit 2014.


Don’t place sour and sweet foodstuff next to each other in the fridge. For example, placing citrus next to peppers – especially if they are touching – will cause their flavours to go haywire, says Michael Giesswein, founder of Simply Fresh.


A high level of humidity in your home can trigger the growth of mould and mildew because fungi thrives in warm, moist and poorly ventilated areas. Install ventilation fans in places like the kitchen and the bathroom to get rid of humidity. Better still, let sunlight and fresh breeze in as much as you can. These will clean and deodorise things that do not go into the wash.


“Every pastry chef should have an oven, a candy thermometer, weighing scales, a rolling pin, a whisk, a knife, a spatula, a piping bag, nozzles, and a brush.” – Spanish pastry chef Christian Escriba.