Don't lump it all together. Storing them separately in the fridge can keep food fresh for longer! Here's why: fruits and vegetables give out ethylene, a gas that causes them to ripen. However, some give out more ethylene than others, so isolate them or they could spoil other fresh produce.

(image: ptnphoto)

Bananas: They give out an immense amount of ethylene, so keep them away from other fruits and veggies. Once they ripen, wrap the stems in aluminium foil and toss them in the fridge where they’ll last for four more days.

Stone fruit: Leave avocados, cherries and peaches on the counter to ripen, then store them in paper bags punched with holes, in the fridge.

Citrus fruit: Store lemons, limes and oranges in a covered container in the fridge to keep them from hardening.

Leafy greens: Vegetables give out less ethylene, but are more sensitive to it, so keep them in a different section from fruits.


This was first published in the digital edition of Simply Her.