We've all made these mistakes in the kitchen, no matter how well we cook and how long we've been whipping up delicious and hearty meals for the family. From cooking vegetables right after cutting them to boiling vegetables for too long, we’re all making these small mistakes that compromise the nutritional values of our foods.

What these mistakes are and how you can prevent them from happening again:

1. Peeling vegetables and fruits for kids

A lot of the much needed nutrients are under the skin of fruits and veggies, so don't peel the skin! If there's a bruised spot, just peel the spot and keep the rest.

2. Using olive oil directly in a hot pan

We know that olive oil is a great alternative to your usual vegetable oil, but did you know, the higher the cooking temperature, the worse it is for your oil and health? Once you've placed the olive oil on a hot pan, the main nutrients of the oil gets oxidised so much that they're no longer there once you're done cooking! Instead, use oilve oils in salads, soups and raw dishes.

3. Charring food for that smokey taste

While grilling is a healthy form of cooking, charring the meat for that extra smokey taste isn't. Instead of charring it, why not use seasoning or sauces that deliver that taste, too?

4. Adding oil to pasta water

A common misconception, some believe that adding oil to the boiling water for pasta prevents the strands of pasta from sticking together, but that's further from the truth. Instead, stir your pasta while cooking to prevent clumps.

5. Overcooking vegetables and meat

Overcooking food can result in lost of flavour and nutrients. It's best to have a timer at hand or under cook first before gradually cooking your food some more to get its optimum flavour.


Adapted from The Singapore Women's Weekly.