Here are a few of the important storage dimensions and closet fittings you need to be aware of before you start renovating!

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Design: Collective Designs

+ Cupboards
Casement doors should not be wider than 50cm to minimise intrusion into traffic space then they are open. Make sure to leave walking room of at least 80cm in front of cabinets or shelves.

+ Rods
Plan to have about 95-100cm of space below a rod used for hanging tops and bottoms. For longer clothing like full-length dresses or coats, increase this to 130-150cm.

+ Shelves for folded clothes
The space should be about 35cm high and 30cm deep. Too high a pile of folded clothes will make removing one from the bottom a tricky task!

+ Shelves for footwear
These should be about 35cm deep, with regular shoes needing a space of about 25cm high.