We use a lot of white in our homes, to make it look spacious. But, used in a smart way, the colour black can make a small space look intimate, cosy and sophisticated. These spaces, in a condominium designed by Benjeemen Heng ID, show us how to use black, or dark shades for small spaces. 

black, study, desk, mirror, home office
The study, used by the lady of the house, is a calm and relaxing space thanks to the dark shades used.


bathroom, cabinet, washbasin, WC

  • The glossy white surface of the WC and washbasin stand out even more starkly against the black floor, walls, and countertop of this bathroom, putting the emphasis on their design.
  • The bulky cabinets are clad in dark wood laminate to 'disappear' among the other dark surfaces. The grain texture on the laminate prevents the space from looking too monotonous.